K-9 Security Services, LLS is a licensed Arizona security agency that provides Security Patrol K-9 Teams to the public and private sectors.
Our handlers must be state-licensed security guards, and are ex-military, law enforcement and certified emergency medical personnel.

Our officers attend an initial 25 hours of classroom training before they are matched with their K-9s.

Our K-9s are extensively tested for sociability, courage and obedience, and undergo months of training before meeting their handlers.

Together, each Security Patrol K-9 Team must meet standards set by the Arizona Law Enforcement Canine ASsociation and must pass our own exacting performance reviews.

Each Security Patrol K-9 Team attends twice-weekly training sessions.

Our training never stops.
Facilities Security • Special Events Hospitals • Shopping Centers & Malls Executive Protection • Construction Sites Manufacturing Facilities & Warehouses Armored Car Escort
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